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The Brave Slytherin
Always turns to page 394
Something The Lord Made 
20th-Jun-2008 10:34 am
This is not HP related and I'm too damn lazy to log in at vampire_spirit (but it haz Alan Rickman so it's...10% HP related)

Okay so I ran most of my paper route (Imma paypah grrl) to get home in time to watch 'Something The Lord Made'. I was worried that Alan's character wouldn't be sarcastic like the characters he usually plays. Luckily for me he was as sarcastic as always :3

Voice:Paging Dr.Blalock
Blalock:Oh, shut up!

The film was quite interesting and well...based on a true story, I usually don't like those but this one was just plain amazing. *w*
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